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Julie H.

Susie was worth every penny!  After feeling overwhelmed by preparing my house for sale, I was so relieved when Susie came in and "worked her magic" organizing my closets, garage, pantry, and an extremely cluttered storage area.  My house was under contract in less than 48 hours with multiple offers.  I will certainly be using her again as I get organized in my new house!  A true lifesaver!

Mary F.

Deciding to sell my home and put it on the market within a month's time would not have been possible without Susie's help.  Susie handled so many details of getting the house ready for sale that I could not have accomplished without taking significant time off work. She helped me sort, purge, sell, give away and pack everything in my home to then be moved to two different locations. It was no small feat! She did all of this with great warmth, energy, skill, sensitivity, and enthusiasm throughout. In those moments of overwhelm, when I thought the process would never be complete, Susie was there to encourage me in just the right way. She's terrific! And I am grateful.

Zoshia A.
Daphne M.

“Susie's ability to simplify and organize a messy closet, a messy kitchen, or a messy garage is AMAZING. She is a fast worker, and she quickly makes big changes that leave a lasting impact. I am not a neat person, so having Susie's regular support has been fantastic for me. My home is now easy to clean up when guests are coming over, and my "piles" have shrunk significantly. My way of dealing with "stuff" has changed over time. I am now much better at throwing or giving things away, and I don't go out and buy things I don't need because I can find what I already have in the house.“

Kim B.

"If you have ever had "that room" looming over you where you throw everything to sort "later" and "later" becomes 5 or more years down the line, then you NEED Susie! Susie organized my basement storage from top to bottom, which was no small feat. This space included the "man cave", costume closet, holiday decorations, old kid toys and clothes and a wholebunch of junk. Susie fearlessly attacked it head on. She was great to work with as she took the time to learn about my organizational style, challenges and goals. As she sorted, organized and cleaned everything she would periodically check in with me to make sure I was pleased with her direction. She also had the courage to challenge me on those little things that just really needed to go in the trash, but I couldn't put there on my own. I LOVE Susie! You won't be disappointed with her work!"

"When I walked into Susie's house to give her a bid on cleaning I was amazed at how open and spacious her home felt.  It is always a joy to clean a clutter-free house.  She has suceeded in finding a place for absolutely everything.  Who can do that?  No-one that I know of, that's for sure.  You can hire her to just come and organize your kitchen or one area, and she will do just that---this gal has the energy of 3 people all rolled into one.  She is more than organized, she is sweet and caring and really wants to help people to think better and live better in a clutter free environment.  I insisted on listing her here on my site"